Reverse GRID Bot

What is Reverse GRID Bot

Reverse Grid Bot helps you to accumulate the coin while the price drops. Sell your coin at the current level, and buy them back while the price goes down.

Who needs Reverse Grid Bot

Reverse GRID Bot helps you to accumulate more coins while the price keeps dropping. If the price is going to fall according to your analysis, then it’s better to use Reverse GRID Bot at the moment.

How to use Reverse Grid Bot on Pionex?

As the picture shows, there are some parameters to set.

Reverse Grid Bot UI on Pionex App

  1. Select trading pair and select Reverse Grid Bot
  2. Configure the parameters for the GRID Bot. Most of them are the same as a typical GRID Bot.
  3. Invest your base currency while using the Reverse GRID Bot, and the profit will be calculated in the quote currency.

After setting all the parameters, tap the “CREATE” button, and the bot will start trading for you.

Example of using a Reverse GRID Bot

Configure a Reverse GRID Bot as the following parameters:

  • Pair: BTC/USDT
  • Range: 5,000 ~ 8,000
  • # of Grids: 10
  • Total Investment: 1 BTC

The bot performs similarly with a regular grid bot. The difference is the profit will be calculated in the quote currency, BTC. If the price drops, you’ll see positive gain cause your equivalent BTC amount increases. Traders should be aware that the reverse grid bot doesn’t have a SHORT feature; for shorting the market, you need to use margin grid bot or leveraged reverse grid bot.

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